Project Ibiza Transat

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Project Ibiza Transat

Complete restyling of the Building Transat located in Paseo Marítimo, Ibiza. Our project contemplated the total remodeling of the common zones of the building as well as its lobby.

We determined new finishes with different high quality materials. We brushed over cutting- edge generation painting over the walls in combination with the marble soil in the lobby and the corridors of the building.

As always, we adapted our project to the customer´s needs about the conditions of none replacement of some of the existing elements, for example the doors or the suspended ceiling in the corridors.

In this way, our company adapted the lighting project responding to the aesthetic and decorative improvement and to the efficiency criteria incorporating LED lighting system to the suspended ceilings and lighting fixture with new finishes striking the perfect balance between the old and the new elements.

For the lobby area, we developed the whole project modifying of the entire zone. We designed elevated suspended structures and vertical gardens that the customer decided not to introduce. In any case, you can watch the result of our project in this section and on the different images that we have posted in our website.

We also combined different cutting edge materials from Porcelansa and we designed aesthetic elements following a retro style and with backlighting system from  Kiron.