Armchair Hderry

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Armchair Hderry


“HDERRY” is a furniture piece designed under the inspiration of Eero Aarnio´s Global Chair, performing a new and modernized edition with different dimensions than the original one.

We match simultaneously avant-garde lines with the newest technology systems of sound and software engineering….. following the idea of plunging you into a unique space, a designed bubble in which you can enjoy the comfort of its technology and space

In this way, it is possible to get way of outside noise turning this space into a private space to enjoy the best quality sound, a telephone conversation or a virtual connection with someone on the other side of the planet.

It incorporates a automatic rotation system on its central axis. With it you can orient your view from inside to the place that we want to see every moment.

This pieces has been designed to be customized in accordance with the space in which they are going to be incorporated and according to the customer that is going to enjoy the experience that this amazing chair can give.


All the production is artisanal. This way we can take care of every detail about the details and also about the technology solutions.

It is available in different versions. This armchair can be lacquered in diverse colors for its best integration into the entire space as well as to the most modern architectural lines or elaborated in walnut wood that can be usually integrated into a classic space.

All the models are drapery in high quality leather and its color can be defined depending on the style of the room or space in which the customers want to integrate this amazing piece.

Fixed on an iron base, it is recovered with the same material that all the chair has been manufactured.